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Nose Work Classes

New Students: Email Shelley Smith to get on the list for new classes.

New Intro to Nose Work Class may take place in the winter. More to come on that over the next few months.  If you would like to get started sooner, I can refer you to several teachers in the area to get you started.

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Continuing Students:

Registration forms for the winter classes are available by clicking here.

Nose Work Class Levels
Intro to Nose Work 1
Intro to Odor
Continuing Odor 1
Continuing Odor 2
Continuing Odor 3
Advanced Odor 1
Advanced Odor 2
Advanced Odor 3
Advanced Odor 4
Advanced Skills 1
Advanced Skills 2
Advanced Skills 3
Competition Level

Classes start with Intro to Nose Work.  At this level teams learn the basic hunt game using treats/toys. We introduce the first Odor (Birch) at the Intro to Odor level.  Continuing Odor 1 - 3 levels build handler skills, team communication, and introduces search methods & areas.  Advanced Odor 1 - 4 introduces additional odors, hide difficulty & continues to add search areas.  Advanced Skills 1 -3 focuses on trial preparation.  Competition Level is the continuing level where teams focus on all levels of competition, have mastered all odors, and continue to build skills with advanced hide locations & different venue challenges.