Congratulations on your NW3 Title in Nooksack, WA (1 Title at this trial)

NW3 Title:

Cathie & Lexus NW3 Elite & 1st place Overall

Congrats to:

Shelley & Timbre 4th place Overall
Tracey & Callie Mae - 5th place Overall
Martha & Milo - 6th place Overall

Congratulations on your NW1 Title in Newberg, OR

NW1 Title:

Terri & Ochoco
Carol Riser & Wyatt
Gary & Cooper - Title & 5th place Overall
Donna & Reka - Title & 5th place on Containers
Cathie & Poppy - Title & 2nd place on Containers

Congrats to:

Erin & Boomer - 1st place Vehicles
Amber & Kea - 1st place Interiors & 1st place Vehicles

Congratulations on your NW1 Title in Elmira, OR

NW1 Title:

Laurie Wood & Brinkley (and 3rd place Overall)

NW2:  Only 1 title for that day, but I was very proud of the performances of my students who placed top 3 in the elements & placed really high overall:

Cindy & Aramis - 1st Containers
Tabitha & Sabia - 3rd Interiors & 4th overall
Nancy & Bella - 1st Exteriors & 6th overall
Laurie & Chester - 5th overall

Congratulations on great performances at the Fife, WA NW2 Trial:

NW2 Titles:

Alex Boxell & Zelda
Holly Thau & Laney
Linda Stork & Mallie


Alex & Zelda - 2nd Overall & 3rd Containers
Cindy Crimmel & Aramis - 4th Containers
Jett & Rowen - 5th Vehicles
Carol & Mai Lan - 2nd Exterior
Colleen & Indy - 1st Exteriors, 6th Containers
Holly & Laney - 4th Interiors, 5th Exteriors

Congratulations on great performances at the Happy Valley, OR NW3 Trial:


Deb Weissenbuehler & Rhiga - 5th  Exteriors
Nancy Westrell & Fridley - 1st Containers

Congratulations on great performances at the Springfield NW3 Trial Results:

NW3 Titles:

Shelley Smith & Katie (and 2nd Place Overall). 
Cathie Laber & Lexus (and 3rd Place Overall). 

NW3 Element Titles

Shelley Smith & Katie - Interior & Vehicles
Cathie Laber & Lexus - Interior & Containers
Janice Jenkins & Sydney - Exterior & Vehicle

NW3 High Placements:

Cathie Laber & Lexus - 1st on Containers, 2nd on Interiors
Shelley Smith & Katie - 2nd on Containers
Janice Jenkins - 3rd on Exteriors

NW2 Titles:

Jett Wyatt & Kiva
Carol Forsberg & Siobhan

NW2 High Placements:

Camilla Welhaven & Posey Alice - 1st on Exterior & 3rd on Vehicles
Andrea Scolar & Tonka - 4th on Containers
Jett Wyatt & Kiva - 4th on Exteriors

NW1 Titles:

Laurie Wood & Chester (and 3rd Place Overall)
Carol Youmans & Mai Lan
Erika Rankin & Yukon
Julie Honse & Chloe

NW1 High Placements:

Erika Rankin & Yukon - 3rd Place Interiors & 4th Place Containers
Laurie Wood & Chester - 2nd Place Vehicles

Congratulations on great performances at the Enumclaw NW3 Trial Results:

NW3 Title

Paula Zickert & Grace (2nd NW3 Title)

Vehicle NW3 Title:

Deb Weissenbuehler & Timbre
Paula Zickert & Grace

Exterior NW3 Title:

Shelley Smith & Katie

Container NW3 Title:

Paula Zickert & Grace

Really good day of searches for my outstanding students;  Cathie Laber, Terri Spaeth-Merrick (1st Place Vehicles), Nancy Westrell, Carol Forsberg, Deb Weissenbuehler, Kristina Leipzig, Janice Jenkins & Paula Zickert.  So many passes and just one or two snags.  Congratulations for a great day!   

Many others had a great day, and were close to titling.  I'm proud of each and everyone of you.  Awesome job!

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